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Houston claims wide influence, having worked to implement cultural growth and social transition in more than 40 countries with international development agencies, and in Bangladesh and Burma with UNICEF. She consults to CEOs and leads workshops at companies such as Kraft,. Xerox, General Electric, Beatrice Foods, and others. However, not all spirits are good ones.

Opening the door to the divine mother can open the door to worship of pagan goddesses. Robert Masters, Houstons husband and a co-founder of her Foundation for Mind Research, provides an example of this. He describes himself as one who has devotedly followed the Way of the Goddess Sekhmet for more than thirty years. Thou are Lust! Thou art Life! Ever-Burning ONE! It appears to be a Western way to invoke New Age energy, using equations of sacred geometry to build a labyrinth with the intended balanced, energetic climate:.

The Veriditas Seed Kit enables groups to make this powerful transformational tool available for ritual and spiritual discovery.

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The Seed Kit is designed to assist groups in creating a portable eleven circuit canvas labyrinth. It contains a series of booklets that give basic information on the materials you will need to assemble, the steps to take in making the labyrinth and the necessary equations of sacred geometry you will need to layout [sic] and make a labyrinth. The kit is unique in that it follows the lost tradition of sacred geometry allowing you to make the labyrinth with the intended balanced, energetic climate that is created regardless of size.

It has opened my creativity and has aroused my personal senses for feelings and promoted relationships with others. I have been drawn to the symmetry, brain re-mapping and energy production possibilities.

I have every hope that the labyrinth will do the same for others who walk this ancient sacred path. As for energy production can he give us any evidence of net gain in kilocalories or joules due to use of the labyrinth? Foremost among these is Fr. Franois Legaux, Rector of Chartres Cathedral.

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He first visited the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in May of Legaux wrote to Lauren Artress that I returned to Chartres convinced that I need to open myself more to this labyrinth way and to offer its use even more. Legaux has.

Labyrinth III: The New Age (PrinceKodi Animal Style)

Legaux was installed as an Honorary Canon of Grace Cathedral at a Festive Evensong Service held on June 17, ; he also was one of the three presenters at the Moments in Time labyrinth pilgrimage at Grace Cathedral on the weekend of June If the labyrinth walk at these sites is led as a Christian meditation by Christian facilitators, this is not a problem. If, however, the labyrinth walks at these Catholic facilities are led in the fashion suggested by the Labyrinth Project, then these facilities are knowingly or not helping their guests connect to the Divine feminine.

The ad appeared on the back cover of Creation Spirituality magazine, whose editor-inchief was Matthew Fox. A common funding source for Episcopalian, New Age antics Theres at least one common source of funding for these Episcopalian, New Age antics. Laurance S. In one book, Marx Hubbard describes Rockefeller as her beloved patron, and in another, she says that Rockefellers intuition about the Christ of the 21st Century deeply inspired me.

Web citations are accurate as of the time the Web page was printed, but some documents may have been moved to a different Web site since then, or they may have been removed entirely from the Web. XI, no. XIX, No.


II, no. By Fr. Often in the name of spirituality odd and even silly elements of the popular movements centred on feeling more in touch are to be found. Brochures often invite the spiritual seeker to something harmless like an autumn-leaf retreat or to something way out like a massage retreat. My imagination fails me here. I was not surprised, then, to find a Zen garden featured. This is an artistic arrangement of stones and rocks, which apparently helps people to be- come more recollected.

I had seen an ancient impressive Zen garden in Kyoto, Japan, which without a doubt could create a soothing feeling but not really a meditation. This American variation was seen more like a gimmick. A sign explained that this was a medieval device through which people. In fact, they really sought to become recollected or calm. Meditation, at least Christian meditation, has always been de- fined as a consideration of life from the perspective of the Gospels or the Christian tradition.

BOOKLET - The Labyrinth Journey

Walking around while meditating is a time-honoured Catholic tradition, ranging from pilgrimages to the Stations of the Cross. There were no brochures in sight on the subject of pilgrimages, and I could not find the stations. I hear also that some retreat centres perhaps regression centres might be a better term are inviting people to use worry beads, a string of beads that one may use to count some- what non-decrepit invocations of the primal energy of the universe, or what have you.

Hey, what happened to the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary? It doesnt just recollect you but it also gets you to meditate on the mysteries of our redemption. But these were not all the surprises at the retreat center. The latest addition is the art of reiki. This word, pro- posed by a Buddhist, Dr.

Mikao Usui, means universal life force. He received an epiphany that led him to understand the deeper meaning of ancient texts, including the Bible and the books of other world religions. Like anyone operating without the Christian faith, Usui denied that salvation comes from the grace of Christ, the divine Son of God. Despite the evidence, he seems to have missed the reality of original sin and the need for salvation. In his defence it must be said that most modern theories of psychotherapy from Freud to Rogers do pretty much the same thing. It is not my business if people want to get involved with reiki or examine the entrails of a dead chicken by the light of a full moon, but these things should not be done under the auspices of the Catholic Church.

Zen gardens, which are harmless, and labyrinths, which are silly, can lead to Gnosticism, an ancient heresy during the early Christian centuries, which held that we are saved by some secret knowledge we have gained one way or another. This heresy seems to go back to New Testament times. It has become a kind of anti-tradition to the Catholic faith.

Perhaps the opening wedge of esoteric ersatz spirituality was a harmless thing called the Enneagrams. This was a variation on standard psychological instruments for selfevaluation. The difference was that the Enneagrams lacked any credible psychological validation. It followed on the Meyers-Briggs evaluation, which had a serious psychological background, although it never quite became an accepted scientific instrument.

People had fun and games with the Enneagrams, which apparently was motivated by a not very well disguised narcissism. Unfortunately, because the Enneagrams had some vague relationship with Muslim Sufi texts, it became a kind of Gnostic cult in the English speaking world. Not only were there Enneagrams retreats and Enneagrams spiritual direction but in one novitiate the Enneagrams chart was in the chapel, with each section having its own vigil light.

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If it wasnt so absurd, it might be seen as touching on a violation of the First Commandment. The word were looking for is humbug. Barnum, the nineteenth century circus man, who once said, The American people like to be humbugged.

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Catholics should be less vulnerable to being humbugged. We have a splendid spiritual tradition, which has grown up over the centuries, as innumerable devout souls some of them recognized as world-class geniuses prayed and meditated on Scripture and the tradition of the Catholic faith. For example, we have the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, adoration of Christs presence in the Eucharist, meditation on the Bible, and the incomprehensible mystery that puts us in touch with the real life force of reality, the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Some clergy ought to realise that if you cant find a tabernacle in the chapel but instead you get directed to the reiki room, somebody has been humbugged. With an appropriate nod to P. Barnum, are we running a church or a circus? Why now is it being welcomed with open arms with such great enthusiasm by an unsuspecting church populace?

This is another of many deceptions that have risen up within the body of Christ to bring delusion upon those who do not love the truth of Gods word.